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Nicolas Jaar Is Spinning on NTS in London for Six Whole Hours

On an otherwise grim day for music in London, this might help ease the pain, a bit.
September 7, 2016, 3:47pm
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Today's a bit of a sad one for dance music heads—by now you've probably heard the news that beloved London nightclub fabric has been permanently closed—but if we can't find solace in music venues, at least there's still actual music itself to help ease the pain. That said, Nicolas Jaar is in the UK capital city this afternoon, at local radio station NTS, unveiling a six hour recorded set—the bitter irony being that's about the same length of the time the fateful hearing lasted yesterday night.


It's unlikely Jaar's surprise marathon performance has anything to do with the recent, devastating milestone in UK nightlife—recently the producer launched a mysterious new website called "The Network," that's led to speculation that a new album or release may be coming down the pipeline. Regardless, it's as good an excuse as any to get lost in some music. Check out NTS' website for live tracklist updates.