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Watch Andras And Oscar Face Their Greatest Challenge Yet At Cafe Romantica Open Mic Night

The coffee is hot and so is the competition.
November 27, 2014, 10:00pm

Café Romantica is an institution, a longstanding fixture on Melbourne's hospitality circuit. Most times of the day or night you know it will be open for coffee, food, drink, a game of pool, a catch up with friends or a quiet moment of philosophical contemplation. Andras and Oscar count on it. For a while now Café Romantica been their second home. They even named their recent album named in its honour. So you can understand their nerves when they stood up to perform at one of the Romantica's regular Open Mic Nights. Sure there's $50 cash or pizza credit up for grabs, but this is like performing for family. Andras and Oscar have toured the world, topped DJ charts, and headlined festivals, but here was their biggest challenge yet. We were there to capture all the action and the audience response.


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