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Oneohtrix Point Never Releases MIDI Excerpt of New Album, Confuses the Hell out of Everyone

Like "Clue" meets underground electronic music.

Oneohtrix Point Never's multimedia, time-traveling blend of fantasy and reality—AKA the PR rollout leading up to his new album on Warp, Garden of Delete—is getting weirder by the day. In the latest plot point to unfold, a Russian producer named iamkinfan has come out of the woodwork to claim ownership of a 17- minute video featuring some of the MIDI programming behind the forthcoming album. According to a statement by Daniel Lopatin, AKA 0PN, the MIDI files were acquired from a humanoid alien friend named Ezra, whereas the actual authorship of the music itself is attributed to Kaoss Edge, a '90s band Ezra deeply loves. Check out the video in question below.


Kaoss Edge has so far played a prominent role in G.O.D.'s promotion, yet iamkinfan claims in the YouTube info section that the band actually doesn't exist, and it's just Daniel Lopatin behind the project. This is interesting, seeing the MIDI tunes are hosted on a YouTube account suspiciously named "Point Never."

iamkinfan's Soundcloud has original material dating back two years, so unless Daniel Lopatin has been planning this mind-fuckery for a good minute, it doesn't seem likely that he's actually the brain behind iamkinfan. Maybe Oneohtrix is trying to confuse us so much that we give up trying to understand what's going on and just focus on his music, but it's undeniable that this is pretty beautiful piece of music, whatever route it took to come into existence.

You can download the MIDI yourself from Kaoss Edge's website.