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Calling All Costumers: Bestival Toronto Wants You to Dress Freely and Fancily

Rob da Bank and Bestival Toronto is waving the freak flag like a Bat-signal.

Remember that gaudy blazer you bought at the Salvation Army? Or the lopsided 1930s top hat you wore for a former Halloween costume? Or how about that jangling belly dance belt used once for a bachelorette party, now collecting dust in your top drawer?

Haul. Them. Out.

Bestival Toronto is waving the freak flag like a Bat-Signal, encouraging attendees to express themselves freely by dressing up at their event on June 12 and 13 on Toronto Island. In a new video, Bestival host and co-creator, Rob da Bank, schools Canadians on the art of "Fancy Dress," a UK originated dress code that basically means costuming.


"As soon as you're three or four-years-old, you start dressing up in Spiderman or Superman outfits or fairy wings," says Bank. "It's all a part of the UK culture. At Bestival specifically, we thought 'How can we stand out from the crowd? I know, let's have a tiny fancy dress party.'"

With a billet that boasts of everything from folk and indie, to "sweaty rave music," Bestival is a music event that provides a whimsical escapism and erratic fun. So keep your "Eat Sleep Rave Repeat" tanks at home and join in on what might be the only time you can wear pool-floaties as accessories, (sans pool).

Bestival is still announcing artists, including a brand new fourth stage with a slew of homegrown Canadian favourites like City Kid Soul, HRMXNY, and Rainer + Grimm. See here.

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