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Agoria's French Kiss: Gesaffelstein

The founder of Nuits Sonores Festival rides for France's new electro savior.
January 1, 2014, 8:00pm

French Kiss is a column by French DJ/producer Agoria. When he's not busy making beautifully soaring, open-minded house jams for the likes of Innervisions and Planet E, DJing around the world, or working with famous French film directors, Agoria will be picking us his favorite new producers from France and beyond. Allez y.

Agoria talks about Gesaffelstein:
"Finally, Aleph, the first album from Gesaffelstein, dropped a few months ago! He is definitely the new hero of French electro. Surrounded by the kind of hype that could easily break an artist, Aleph shined through as a true electro album. I have seen Gesaffelstein growing over the last five years and he's never denied his own influences, with Aleph drawing similarities to music by classic electro artists such as Dopplereffekt (from Detroit) or The Hacker (from Grenoble).


Some will argue that "Duel" or "Hate & Glory" will fit too nicely into EDM playlists, which is true, but who cares as long as it pushes a new generation to discover electro, Aphex Twin, and Drexciya? I prefer to focus on the fact that the new God of electro knows his "Destinations," my favourite tune from the album. Before I'm speechless… let me French kiss you Mike Levy."

Eight things we love about Gesaffelstein.

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Watch the video for Gesaffelstein's "Pursuit," if you haven't already. Or just rewatch it 10 more times.