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Apple Music Has Impressively Gained a Million Paid Subscribers In the Past Month

They are now up to a grand total of 11 million.
February 15, 2016, 8:30pm
Photo courtesy of Apple

Apple senior vice president, Eddie Cue, stated in a recent interview on John Gruber's The Talk Show podcast that Apple Music now has 11 million paid subscribers. That figure is a quick jump up from the 10 million subscribers Apple CEO Tim Cook announced just last month at the company's Q1 2016 earnings call, not to mention October 2015's figure of 6.5 million subscribers.

In the interview, Cue also talked about the general shift in music from locally-stored files to cloud-based hosting, stating that part of what Apple Music must do to gain subscribers internationally is "educate people" about the technology, explaining how exactly this relatively new mode of music streaming works.

This announcement follows the recent news that Apple Music has pushed their business into almost 60 countries where Spotify isn't available, speaking to the importance of territorial advantage in the international competition between music streaming enterprises.

Thanks to Music Business Worldwide for the tip.

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