Lee Gamble's UIQ Label Released A Debut EP From One Of Cairo's Hottest Producers

ZULI's "Bionic Ahmed" is 6-tracks of mystifying dance music.
January 31, 2016, 12:05am
Photo Credit: ZULI Soundcloud

Lee Gamble's UIQ label is only a year old, but it's already on the fast track to acquire some noteworthy talent, including most recently Ahmed El Ghazoly, aka ZULI.

The Cairo based producer has been part of the Cairo underground club scene for over a decade. A cofounder of the city's most acclaimed dance club, VENT, ZULI also makes mystifyingly stoney dance tunes, mixing in long-tailed bass drums bumps with gamelan melodies accompanied by tones that seemed squeaked out of a rusty swing. His debut EP, Bionic Ahmed, out this past week, is a perfect 6-track for 4 am somnambulists, where every tick and ghostly bump eludes attribution and the world feels slightly slowed down. In a community that cranks up the BPM's to manic speeds, ZULI sedative beats border on soothing.

Check out the intoxicating video to "Robotic Handshakes in 4D" below and if you're still not convinced that ZULI is one to watch, have at his Mix for Gamble's NTS radio show.