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TBD Fest Adds Porter Robinson (Live), Toro y Moi, and RL Grime to Their Already Incredible Lineup

Joining the likes of Pretty Lights, Ratatat, and Chance The Rapper in Sacramento this September. It's been determined. This is the party of the Summer.

ICYMI—we're presenting TBD Fest (September 18-20) in Sacramento, California. It's going to be a supremely awesome way to make you forget that the summer season is nearing an end (as much as it ever ends in California).

As if TBD's game-changing lineup of dance, indie, and hip hop via Pretty Lights, Chromeo, Ratatat, Tycho, Chance the Rapper, and A-Trak wasn't enough to get your insides all aflutter, the party has just poured on the icing atop their already stacked cake.

We've just learned that Porter Robison (Live), RL Grime, Toro y Moi, and Allah-Las will be bringing their show to Sacramento.

These new additions not only cement TBD on the cutting edge of scene-mashing festivals, but quite possibly your only chance to see Mobb Deep, RL Grime, and Dr. Dog hit the decks for a once in a lifetime b2b2b set. (This hasn't been confirmed, but we promise we're pushing for it).

Don't mess around, get your tickets.