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Get to Know Mr. Carmack (and His Parents) in This Insightful Tour Doc

From Long Beach to EDC with Team Supreme's wild card.

Mr. Carmack has established himself as a leading light in the much lauded Team Supreme movement by exhibiting a relentless knack for not giving a fuck. He puts up tracks on SoundCloud as soon as the idea's done, giving his legions of D.A.W-obsessed fans an insight into his creative process as he churns out raw tracks that exist somewhere between hip-hop and dance. He's as unpredictable of a selector as he is a producer, so any opportunity to get a look into what makes all this madness should be well seized.


Over the past year, San Francisco-based directorial collective The Hungrie Ones followed Carmack as he ascended to festival stages all over the US. The team got an insight into what the Hawaii-based artist is like when he steps out from behind the computer and onto the stage. In the midst of all the festival ragery, Carmack's parents show up to say hi, and then the man himself gives some sterling advice during a quiet moment in Dolores Park before going back to working over stages from HARD Summer to EDC with his twonked out, hip-hop-influenced dance beats.

2014 was a very good year for the Team Supreme posse. "My friends are all doing what they love and we're all supporting each other. As long as we have each other's back nothing can really go wrong," Carmack tells THUMP, before adding: "I think the video offers a great insight into the way I relate to my music and my fans."

Keep watching to the end when Carmack gets into trouble with an old man tries to pick a fight. Fuck that guy!

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