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Shots Fired: DJ Craze’s New Routine Teaches Fakers about #RealDJing

“DJs are everywhere. You know why everyone thinks they can DJ? Because everyone can. it’s easy. Pat your head and rub your stomach. There, you’re an amazing DJ.” - Daniel Tosh

These are the words that broke the camel's back, which is a lot cooler than it sounds, because the camel in this case is DJ Craze. The Tosh.O rant pushed the four-time DMC Champ to make the illest DJ routine we've seen since, well, the last time DJ Craze taped a routine.

"The idea first started with me and (Klever) working on this show that we were going to do," Craze says. "Then I was just like, 'I could make a routine video, not just for the show.' I could do something that all the DJs will be like 'fuck yeah, that's what we wanted to see.'"


It's his first video in years outside of Native Instrument demos. The routine is his own bold statement, and because it's not product placement, he's free to do things like show himself drinking liquor and drop the word "fuck."

"DJing culture has become a joke," he says. "It's obviously shots fired, but it's not on some 'fuck you, I want to end your career.' It's on some 'yo, you people are doing shit that I think is corny, and hey, I'ma speak about it.' Somebody got to, and I feel like I'm that dude."

He doesn't want anyone to "catch feelings," but neither is he taking pains to hide his opinion. Besides the Tosh.O monologue, the intro features clips of Paris Hilton, Pauly D, and Steve Aoki clowning. Craze watches disgusted from his couch before putting the drink down and taking motherfuckers back to school.

The four-minute video, tactfully titled the "New Slaves" routine, puts most selectors to shame as only Craze can. He merks mind-blowing effects with whole arm, scratches with his back, and breaks the whole thing up with "fuck you" samples of Kanye West and A$AP Rocky talking about dope shit and "I don't even want to look like none of these niggas." It's nothing short of glorious.

The vid finishes with a snippet of "Bow Down," first single from his forthcoming EP of the same name, which features Miami rap legend Trick Daddy. The routine is part promo for the EP, part general statement about the culture, part re-establishment of the Craze credo.

"I had noticed that my tweets were going at DJs, and I was like 'What am I saying? I'm doing the same shit sometimes that they're doing. I've got to show people instead of just complain about it," he says.

"Thats like the B-boy in me too. The reason I was good at battling and shit was because of this," he says. "When I get pissed off, I want to speak with the turntables and kill it."

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