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The much-touted Glaswegian producer fires some heavy shots with the latest MIXED BY.

Back in February, THUMP spoke to Glaswegian producer Inkke about his Faded With Da Kittens release, and how he melts down his two most overt influences - grime and Memphis rap - into the kind of beats that we'd happily see D Double E jump on as much as A$AP Ferg. Since Faded With Da Kittens, Inkke has been held that little bit tighter by London's Boxed crew, playing their regular rotation at Dalston's Birthdays, and just this week, he's released his brand new Crystal Children EP, his official debut for London grime label Local Action.


If Faded With Da Kittens was his homage to Southern rap, Crystal Children sees him pull grime apart in his own, playful way: we defy you to listen to his Thinkk Star (Club Mix), and not to pull an unholy screwface. To mark his rise and the heady joy of Crystal Children, Inkke's turned in a mix for THUMP stuffed with bangers of all stripes: grime, rap and house all feature, shards of each splitting the skin.

Track list:

Dark0 - Sweet Boy Tears

L-Vis 1990 & Sinjin Hawke - The Pit (Unknown Edit)

Kid Antoine - Expected Encounter

Grovestreet - Nocturne

Imami - Contrapposto

Inkke - Thinkk Star (Gage Remix)

Inkke - Ho Ai Ai Ai

Uniiqu3 - 69 (If I Fuck) ft. Kiff

VesperTown - Tuff Love (Club Flip)

Wiley - Shanghai

Fraxinus - All Ends

KW Griff - Ain't None Of Y'all Safe ft. Porkchop

DJ Tamiel - Tek 9 (Uniiqu3 Remix)

Inkke - Simmer

DJ Paypal - Free Spirit

Hektik - War

Inkke - Sosn

Inkke - Daisy Chain

Inkke - Dr. Zoots

Wiley - Eskimo 4 (Braindead Mix)

Wiley - Eskimo 2 (Devil Mix)

Slugabed - Another Chance 2k14

S-Type - Rosario

Inkke - Zen

Gang Fatale - Parched

Inkke - Mekaniks

Grovestreet - Ground Zero

Soloman - Silo Hoe

Bitch Ass Darius - Get It Right

Wiley - I Will Not Loose

Finn - Keep Calling

Blackjack - Have I Told You

Plastician - Cha VIP

Inkke - Zanzi

Hotsound - Untitled

2 Twisted Crew - Strike Da Match