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Bliss Out with the Balearic Brilliance of the Brand New Tempelhof & Gigi Masin Single

Taken from forthcoming album Tsuki, "Vampetta" is a languidly lovely slice of sunset ready semi-ambient perfection.

The summer's finally here and you're already daydreaming about burnt sausages and Lidl's own-brand bottles of fruity cider and getting sand in your underwear and being unexpextedly cold by 7pm. This is living. This is it. This is as good as it gets. Which is faintly depressing, but hey-ho: that's life!

When the days are like this, you're not going to be reaching for hard-edge-nose-bleed-techno or tobacco-dark dubstep. No, instead, you're far more likely to be fingering the baguettes in Tesco to the soothing sounds of Mark Barrott, or Jose Padilla. What you really want, what's a completely vital and ncessary part of enjoying the season properly—which means getting grass stains on your jeans and watching ice creams melting into your sweaty hands—is balearic!

And who's more balearic than Gigi Masin? Well, apart from Alfredo. Still, the good news is that just as the sun's put his brand new Supreme 5 panel on, Gigi Masin's teamed up with cult producers Tempelhof for a brand new album of Music From Memory style ambience. Released in June on Hell Yeah, Tsuki is, "an exploration in ambience—soundscapes that are both classically informed and contemporary, with echoes of minimal Japanese electronic music, German avant-garde and world music. Some material is floating and beatless, while some is driven by distant dustings of percussion, twinkling keys, delicate electronics and wordless vocals. The music is strongly connected to the artists' respective homelands of Venice and Mantua—channelling the beat of the earth, the motion of the waters in an evocative atmospheric travelogue." And if that doesn't scream SUMMER HOLIDAYS I don't know what does.

Because we absolutely love Gigi here at THUMP, we've decided to bring you the world premier of single "Vampeta" and trust us when we say you'll be rolling naughty cigarettes to this one on rooftops all summer long. Check it out in all its rolling, relaxed beauty below:

Tsuki is out on June 10th via Hell Yeah