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Coast Modern Want You to Comb Their Hair

That's an order.

Here are a few things about me that you definitely didn't ask to know. I like to brush my friends hair and if their hair is long enough, braid them into fishtails.

I love having my hair pulled. Sometimes my masseuse does it unprompted and it is ecstasy. Luckily I also have a person in my life who will pull my hair for free. It's great. Hair pulling, hair brushing, head stroking—get involved. It all feels really gooood and comforting. And sometimes kinky.


LA duo Coast Modern, that's Coleman Trapp and Luke Atlas, understand this and they've written an entire song about it—premiering below. As they put it: "Sometimes when ur tripping out or life is tripping u up, comfort comes best with the touch of a kindred hand. Comb My Hair is a musical caress for weary universal travelers everywhere. We're all echoes of love."

How sweet. For the past year Coast Modern have been making waves with their indie pop (that occasionally incorporates trap tendencies, weird, I know). Their soundcloud numbers are impressive; their music is fun. Now, along with premiering "Comb My Hair" we can announce that their debut album will drop May 5. Can't tell you the title. That's a secret. Hands are inexplicably tied.

Listen to the track and read their responses to my (largely moronic) questions below:

Noisey: How do you like your hair to be combed? 
Coast Modern: Soft n' slow. Fingers. Fireside.

What makes your partnership work? 
Yin and Yang. Compromise.

Are there any prevalent themes on the record? 
Self discovery. Accepting impermanence. Astral Exploration.

Which song is the best song to make out to on the album? 
Make out to the whole album or it's not a real make out sesh. "Comb My Hair" is a pretty good one for quickies.

If your record was a movie, what kind of movie would it be? 
Keanu Reeves stars in 2001 A Space Odyssey directed by Michel Gondry.