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Alex Lahey Finds Positivity in the Malaise of Your Early Twenties on "Wes Anderson"

The video is the first to be released from her EP 'B-Grade University.'
Ryan Bassil
London, GB

Has being in your early twenties ever resembled anything less precarious than a runaway train to nowhere? Either you're in a relationship and crippled with self-doubt about its future, or you're out of one and, from time to time, experience existential dread and a need to purchase an unnecessary amount of pillows, or a gym membership, or some other kind of shit to fill the void that is another heart laying in your bed. If you're one of the nauseatingly lucky few to be experiencing elongated and secure cohabitation, then you're probably unsure about your job (or lack thereof). And if, somehow, none of those things are on your mind, there's the news. The fucking news. The state of it.


More often than not, the period between leaving home and becoming an adult who owns one is an icky process of figuring shit out. It's a time of short-lived crushes, two-year relationships, apathy, passion, job security, and leaving it to go travel halfway across the country for no reason other than "I will be old soon, so the time is now".

This age of uncertainty has a certain sound to it, which Alex Lahey has detailed perfectly in her latest video "Wes Anderson", taken from her EP B-Grade University. "I stayed in the shower to avoid doing some useful shit", Lahey sings, detailing that aforementioned apathy. "My fingers went wrinkly and my hair had had enough of it". All in all, it's an upbeat track, hinting at positivity, or at least yearning for it, among the malaise that comes from growing pains. Watch the video below.