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Mike Tyson Says Floyd Mayweather Is "Very Delusional" and a "Small, Scared Man"

Mike Tyson pays Floyd Mayweather no respect as he delivers a verbal beat-down.

Mike Tyson can still throw a powerful combination when the moment calls for it. Yesterday, the Undisputed Champion Network caught up with Iron Mike at the MGM to ask about the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight. The video starts out about as expected, with Tyson ducking a question about who he thinks will win before throwing a verbal jab in announcing that he believes it will end in a knockout. Then he came in with a couple of body shots about the current state of the heavyweight division. The guy with the mic counters with this: "What do you think about Floyd talking about greater than Ali?"

"He's very delusional," says Tyson, suddenly coming to life. For the next 20 seconds or so, Iron Mike throws a verbal flurry about how Mayweather can't take his own kid to school by himself.

"He's just a small, scared man," Tyson says.