Swiss Air Force Jets Break Cable Cam During Flyover, Wreak Havoc at Ski Championship

Let's just cool our jets with the military celebrations, huh?
February 17, 2017, 6:01pm

Skiing is already dangerous. A thinly-coated human being strapped to sticks, barreling down a jagged, unpredictable mountainside at 150 mph on a frigid, slick terrain. It's madness and produces cringe-inducing injury lowlights. But start adding several tons of flying metal and jet fuel, and a giant rig with a heavy thing strapped to it to the equation, and it becomes a veritable death trap.

Well, thankfully no one was injured today during the Alpine World Skiing Championships, but a kind of batty combination of those elements converged into an accident that nearly spelled disaster. The Swiss Air Force was on hand doing a variety of aerial maneuvers to celebrate their military's prowess or something, when the planes flew so close to the cable cam rig that it shook the damn thing out of the sky.

Fortunately, the camera fell into an empty finish area between two runs, but the whole debacle caused the ski lift to shut down for fear that maybe the felled cable had interfered with the lift. Ski reporter Amanda Ruggeri was on hand at the event and wrote for Deadspin that the near-disaster, inspection, and 30-minute delay cost the event nearly $250,000.

All of this, of course, is a better result than someone being hit by a camera on a ski course. But maybe let's just cool our jets with the military celebrations, huh?