Brandon Crawford Gets Seven Hits in Win Over Marlins

Brandon Crawford became the first player to get seven hits in a game since 1975.
August 9, 2016, 3:36pm

Hitting a baseball is hard. Hitting a baseball beyond the reach of nine professional athletes who have dedicated a good portion of their lives to preventing just that is even harder. This is worth remembering when you try to process Brandon Crawford getting seven hits in one game.

Yes, hitting a baseball is hard unless you're Brandon Crawford The San Francisco Giants shortstop's seven hits in a 14-inning win over the Marlins in Miamiset a new club record Monday night. He also became the first player with seven hits in a game since Rennie Stennett of the Pirates pulled off the feat in 1975.

Sadly, Crawford finished two hits short of the Major League record. Johnny Burnett of the Cleveland Indians notched nine hits in an 18-inning game in 1932. If only Crawford hadn't struck out in the fifth inning, like a damn mortal. Still, he did manage a somewhat respectable 7-for-8 on the night, with the final hit driving in the winning run with two outs in the 14th.

Note to the Marlins: Sure, there were two Giants already on base, but maybe next time you should pitch a bit more carefully to the dude rocking a six-hit game. Just food for thought.

Crawford didn't take much time to reflect on his accomplishment until after the game, per

"It doesn't happen very often that you get eight at-bats in a game," Crawford said. "I figured [seven hits] probably didn't happen a whole lot. You don't think about stuff like that when you're playing."

Now that the deed is done, Crawford can take a few moments to sit back and binge-watch this vine:

6 teams had 7 hits or less on Monday night. Then there's @bcraw35:
— Cut4 (@Cut4) August 9, 2016

Or, if he's tired of watching himself drive in the winning run, he can relive the majesty of his fifth hit instead, which produced this glorious Buster Posey GIF: