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A Plein Air Painter Captures the Natural Beauty of the Northeast

Jeremy Miranda's oil paintings are pure, Walden-esque bliss.
Cathedral, Jeremy Miranda. All images courtesy the artist

The natural splendor of the wilderness barges indoors beneath the realism-driven brushstrokes of New Hampshire artist Jeremy Miranda. Leaning heavily and adeptly on the Impressionistic style of plein air painting, the artist's works include normal scenes that are as commonplace as they are elevated and splendid versions of the outdoors.

Texturally interesting and captivating from afar, Miranda shares he's frequently outdoors, as a means to preserve the sensation of warm weather and bursting plant life for colder times. "It is not so much about producing good work, as it is collecting observations and sensory experiences that I can hopefully live off of during the [New Hampshire] winter," Miranda tells Creators. When warmth seems irretrievable, the artist consults his paintings as an icepick for frozen times. With an interest in melding the great outdoors with the quiet interiors of a typical American home, Miranda shares he has moved past "creating a composite, surreal space" in his works, which rely on corporeal structures and less on the surrealist tones of his earlier works. "The spaces and structures I paint are generated through an intuitive and imaginative process. Typically they are based on rough paint sketches on paper which I try to create daily," he says.


Check out more works by Jeremy Miranda on his website and his Etsy page.

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