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Aroop Roy's “Abale” Gives a Tale of Homeland Sorrow a Dancefloor Spin

The track from the London producer's new EP features Gasper Nali, a Malawi singer with a message.

Following records on Basic Fingers, Kampana, and House of Disco, London producer Aroop Roy is set to release his latest EP, Rising Tides, on Washington, DC-based Sol Power Sound.

The artist's continent-hopping blend of Latin, Afro, jazz, disco, and house is quite at home with the African diaspora-influenced crew, who describe their sound as "percussive anthems inspired by rhythms from around the globe." Roy's EP takes Sol Power's ethos one further, supplying three dancefloor-friendly interpretations of songs by Colombian singer Totó la Momposina, and Malawi vocalist Gasper Nali.

Today, THUMP is premiering "Abale," which is a remake of Nali's 2015 track "Abale Ndikuwuzeni." Singing in his native language of Chichewa, Nali presents to listeners a disconcerting image of his homeland and its youth's dismal situation. Roy initially underlines the sentiment with solemn, tense synth work, but through its lively percussion and claps, the record loosens up into something lighter and brighter as if to offer some semblance of optimism for the future.

"With 'Abale,' I wanted to produce a journey of emotions. Gasper, with his soulful and enchanting vocals, is the perfect storyteller," the producer told THUMP over email.

Listen to the track below, and pre-order Rising Tides before it comes out June 23.