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This Woman Calmly Ate Pizza After Witnessing a Fatal Car Wreck

A mysterious woman is seen walking away from the scene of a brutal accident while calmly eating pizza.
December 8, 2015, 8:00pm
Photo via Flickr user ccho

Most biologists will agree that humans, like all animals, will resort to either fight or flight responses to deal with potential life-threatening events.

But apparently there is a third way of dealing with horrific accidents, and that is eating a slice of pizza and calmly walking away.

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Last Sunday, as Victoria Nicodemus went for an evening stroll through Brooklyn's Fort Greene neighbourhood with her boyfriend, she was fatally struck by a Chevrolet Suburban being driven by a man without a license and a long trail of driving-related offences behind him.


As if that situation weren't absurd or tragic enough, video surveillance footage has emerged showing the exact moment of the collision.

While others in proximity to the crash are seen running toward the victim, who was pinned under the wheels of the rogue Suburban, a mysterious woman is seen holding pizza. She takes a few glances back before folding the slice of pie—like a real New Yorker—and noshing as she calmly walks away from the scene of the accident.

"I don't know how you could keep eating your pizza and keep walking. There's no reason," Lerima Guadelupe, who works at a nearby bakery, told DNAinfo. "At least try. Make it your business to help. Not OK. Wouldn't you want to help?"

Frank Lopez works at a nearby deli and told DNAinfo that he was disgusted. "All I can say is the world we live in, some people are cold-hearted. […] I would've run out of the way and then run to help. She didn't even care. She could've gotten hurt too. She ran on."

Other witnesses were more understanding toward the pizza woman. "Honestly, I can't judge her. She has her own reason for walking away in a situation like that," Xiomara Morgan told DNAinfo. Still, Morgan, who works at a nearby cafe and saw other victims "crawl through blood" to help Nicodemus had trouble understanding the apparent coldness with which the woman in the video opted for pizza over being a good samaritan. "You see all this commotion and turn around and take a bite? I wouldn't have even had an appetite."

That accident scene quickly became a crime scene after investigators realized just how bad the driver's record was. He was arrested on Monday and charged with driving without a license or insurance.

As for sunglasses-wearing pizza woman, her identity remains unknown as she remains on the loose and presumably fixated on pizza.