The 10 Weirdest Scholarships That You Should Apply for Right Now

Hey you, want to fight zombies? Turns out there’s a scholarship for that.
February 9, 2017, 8:37pm

We Canadians have like to complain about our undergrad university fees being somewhere in the ballpark range of $6,000. But that's nothing compared to the US, where it's possible to burn a $35, 000-sized hole into your wallet. No wonder people are paying off student loans well into their 30s.

Getting funding for schooling is hard as it is, given how strict loan requirements and popular scholarship standards are. But as it turns out, there actually are scholarships for virtually anyone… just not the ones you expected. Do you know how to make a mean PB&J sandwich? Are you a pro at bowling? There's a scholarship for basically anything under the sun and you will be rewarded for all the weird but cool shit you can do.


We at VICE have compiled a brief guide of the weirdest online scholarships to help you because hey, why not get rewarded for being passionate about potatoes.

Zombie Apocalypse Scholarship (Yes, really.)

This is basically Community's "Epidemiology" episode brought to life. This scholarship asks you to think about what you'd do if your school's campus was infected with a zombie virus and you were the lone survivor. Don't smirk just yet… $2000 is up for grabs with this one. Just keep an eye out for any Leonards.

Tall Clubs International Scholarship

Tall Clubs International is offering a scholarship for tall people. For women who are 5'10" and men who are 6'2" that are entering their first year of post-secondary education, there's a possible $1000 with your name on it.

Twin/Triplet Dorm Room Waiver

If you had a wombmate way back when, Northeastern Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical College is prepared to waive dorm fees if you attend the school together. If you and your twin can't stand the sight of each other, fear not. NEO College says that you don't have to room together!

Chick and Sophie Major Memorial Duck Calling Contest

The creators of Duck Dynasty are doing backflips right now. Calling all talented duck callers - if you are willing to test your skills against other fellow duck whisperers and you win, you could be rewarded to the tune of $2000.

Clowns of America International Scholarship

For the few of us that don't fear clowns and have watched a clown act in full without cowering, apply for this scholarship. Jim "Soapy" Dixon is offering you cash to write about your experience after taking in a ten-hour educational, family entertainment program.

Brilliance Scholarship (Not so much about IQ)

No, this scholarship is not about intellectual rigor. It's actually about diamonds. The diamond-selling company, Brilliance, is asking you to draw up a design for a diamond ring. Anyone from any discipline is eligible for the $1500 this scholarship is offering.

A shit ton of scholarships based on hair color

There are indeed  scholarships out there that award you for your natural hair color. There were so many. Too many. But hey, for all you natural redheads and brunettes, you are in luck!

Scholarships for research on pot

It's no secret that millennials (and every other generation) are fascinated with marijuana. For all of you taking that fascination further and studying the agricultural aspect behind pot growth and development, there are high rewards.

Gamers in Real Life (G.I.R.L.) Game Design Competition

We've officially hit paydirt. San Diego's Daybreak Games is willing to offer $10,000 to aspiring game creators enrolled in game-related courses such as animation, video game art and design, etc.

Stuck at Prom Scholarship Contest

Duck Tape holds an annual scholarship contest where you and your prom date create your outfits out of only duck tape. I cannot imagine a scenario where taking this clothing off would not be painful but maybe $1000 will make it easier to bear?

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