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MUNCHIES Presents: The Pizza King

Dan Janssen, a guy forever known as a the "pizza king" is the guy who made international headlines when we interviewed him a few months ago about his unique diet: of surviving on pizza alone for the last 25 years.
the pizza king

A few months ago, a guy named Dan Janssen made international headlines after we interviewed him for VICE. Dan revealed that he has survived on a diet of pizza alone for the last 25 years. Or at least almost only pizza (with a few bowls of cereal every now and then).

We spent a few days with Dan in his hometown of Ellicott City, Maryland and Baltimore to explore where the self-proclaimed "King of Pizza" finds the perfect slice(s). After watching him consume pizza after pizza, we couldn't help but wonder, How is this dude not dead yet? Doctors have even given him a (fairly) clean bill of health, but to Dan, "We're all gonna die. I'm gonna die with pizza in my stomach." Enjoy.

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