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Behold: Stormzy and Ed Sheeran in One Flavourful Conversation

Ahead of the release of their new albums, we brought the pair together for an episode of our 'Back and Forth' series.

Life is built on duality. For every sweet, there's a sour. For every yin, a yang. And for every Stormzy, there's an Ed Sheeran. One makes rap; one makes songs using the guitar. Both, though, are wildly successful in a way only comparable to the advent of commercial travel or sugar.

On the road to the release of their two new albums (Ed Sheeran, ÷; Stormzy, Gang Signs & Prayer), the pair caught up for an episode of our infamous Back and Forth series, where they spoke about everything in and amongst themselves – including sliding into DMs, falling asleep during sex, first time someone threw their underwear at them – and more. Watch on below.

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