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This Plastic Surgeon Just Periscoped a Boob Job

@therealdrmiami is expanding the documentation of his work across social media.
June 2, 2015, 10:07pm
Dr. Miami. Image: Snapchat

"My name is Michael, they call me Dr. Miami. I'm a plastic surgeon and I make people feel better about their bodies. Watch me as I Snapchat my way through Tuesday."

So begins today's Snapchat story from @therealdrmiami, a board-certified plastic surgeon who has has been documenting his operations, and all the blood and gore that come with them, across Snapchat, Vine, Instagram, and Twitter. Yesterday, Dr. Miami (whose real name is Dr. Michael Salzhauer) added a new platform to his toolbox: Periscope. He described the process in today's Snapchat story.

The assistants filmed him in real time as he performed a breast augmentation, Snapchatting one breast before switching to Periscope for the other

"Yesterday we tried Periscope, a live streaming app through Twitter, in addition to the Snapchat," he said. "It was pretty good––the resolution kind of cuts in and out here and there."

He said since it required two people to add Periscope to the mix, they decided to switch between the apps today. Salzhauer has two full-time social media assistants who chronicle his work, and has all of his patients who opt in to have their surgeries documented sign social media consent forms.


Today, the assistants filmed him in real time as he performed a breast augmentation, Snapchatting one breast before switching to Periscope for the other.

According to Periscope, 1,857 people tuned in live to watch Dr. Miami do the left breast augmentation today. The app allows viewers to comment, and Dr. Miami encouraged them to ask questions. He answered many throughout, including how long recovery time is for implants (patients can go back to work after three to five days), why he puts the implant under the breast muscle (it provides an extra layer of protection and chance of infection), and gave general advice on how to avoid stretch marks. He also explained the story of how he got into plastic surgery after one user asked.

Dr. Miami's periscope offers a window into the full surgical process, which many people outside the medical field don't have a chance to see unless they go under the knife themselves. The surgeon can be seen casually chatting, telling stories, and debating whether to play Fetty Wap or Drake during the surgery.

LIVE on #Periscope: Dr. Miami - Breast Implant Exchange
— Dr. Miami (@TheRealDrMiami) June 1, 2015

His account also takes real-time documentation to the next level. While Snapchatting surgeries may be too close for comfort for some, Periscope leaves no room for censorship if a mistake is made.

It's unclear whether this kind of streaming is allowed on Periscope, which has community guidelines against "graphic content," but for now, Dr. Miami is offering one of the most raw views into the medical field on the internet.