We Investigated a Niagara Falls Wax Museum’s Disturbing Injustice to Beyoncé

Who knew you could whitewash wax?
January 4, 2017, 4:50pm
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Beyoncé, our beloved, has recently been eternally memorialized at the Louis Tussaud's Wax Museum in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada's answer to Niagara Falls, New York. But wait… is that Beyoncé or a robotic demon sent to us from an alternative universe? Because that's what I'm seeing.

It is important to note that many celebrities have been brutalized by their wax portrayals. But, sorry to all of the wax Morgan Freemans and Elvis Presleys, Beyoncé needs us right now.


What makes this wax figurine so outrageous? Is it because the figurine doesn't even look like an African-American woman? Or that it looks like a flight attendant wearing a 1970s inspired sleep gown? Whatever the wax-makers did, people are pissed.

Is this what the year 2017 holds for us? A white-washed, non-bootylicious, sad wax Beyoncé?

We went and asked visitors at Louis Tussaud's to see how they feel about it.


Caity, Welland, Ontario
VICE: You seem very upset looking at the wax Beyoncé. What's up?
Caity: That's my queen. Her ass is supposed to be flawless and it's flat as a pancake here. You know what else I noticed, all the other people look so good except Beyoncé! I feel personally attacked.

Micky, Florida
VICE: Do you know who this is supposed to be?
Micky: *silence*

It's Beyoncé.
Were they going for the white Beyoncé? It's way too skinny and doesn't do her justice. And this is coming from a 40-year-old that only knows the song "Halo."

Tiffany, Niagara-On-The-Lake, Ontario
VICE: What brought you to the wax museum?
Tiffany: I literally only came here because I saw some tweets about this. It's obviously hilarious but when you really think about it they took a black idol and whitewashed her. Intentional or not I ain't down with it.

Author with "it"

Ahmad, Pickering, Ontario
VICE: What do you think of this Beyoncé?
Ahmad: Honestly, I didn't see the name tag at first and I thought it was a Hillary Duff with a bad tan and on crack. No wonder Twitter is shitting bricks. Hey! They didn't even spell her name right.

Eyebrows not on fleek

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