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3 Doors Down's Kiwi Manager On Why the Band Said Yes to Trump's Inauguration

“They're not the latest, hottest thing, but they will always attract a lot of people.”
January 19, 2017, 3:08am

3 Doors Down's manager says that they have a "God, guns and country black-and-white sort of viewpoint" and that the "Bible-belt sort of band" can play until they're 80 years old.

Speaking to VICE NZ, Angus Vail, 54, the band's New Zealand business manager, who works in New Jersey, says the band are "good Mississippi and Alabama boys"—they come from conservative families. You know, they're really good guys, but they have very different political beliefs. Because they played both Bush's inaugurations, they've obviously been on the conservative radar."

Angus Vail. Image via YouTube

The Mississippi hard rock band have received a large amount of online criticism since they announced their appearance at Trump's "Make America Great Again!" welcome celebration. But they remain undeterred and on Saturday guitarist Chris Henderson said that he was moving on from a day of "troll-baiting on Twitter."

But Vail, who says he disagrees with the band politically, explains that they aren't treating the criticism as entirely negative. "Once you get to the point that you've been in rock for 16 years and a whole bunch of people get pissed off with you on Twitter, it's like: that's good for us. The more liberals that get all hot under their collar about it, the more we're appreciated by a whole bunch of conservatives. Are they sitting there crying into their pillows at night? Of course not."

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