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Yes, You Really Should Switch to Bamboo Sheets—Here Are the Best

They’re silky-soft, temperature-controlling, and environmentally friendly—what’s not to love about bamboo sheets? Here are the best sets.
The Best Bamboo Sheets (at Every Price Point)
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For being such a huge part of our lives—I mean, we literally wrap our bodies in them for a third of our living hours—our bed sheets are a choice we should be putting a lot of thought into, and yet we often go years without considering whether we should swap or upgrade the ones we have. Far too many of us languish in pilling sheets from Target that our mom made us buy when she visited our new apartment in 2015, or make repeat trips to IK*A to buy yet another set of scratchy but cheap cotton sheets that are good enough


Yes, when it comes to the best bed sheets, the ocean of options can be overwhelming; in terms of fabrics and weaves, there’s cotton jersey, percale, sateen, linen, flannel, bamboo, and eucalyptus, and that’s not even factoring in thread counts and aesthetics. I’m here to make things easier for you, because I’m a bedding nerd. My “linen closet” would scare you. It’s literally stuffed floor to ceiling with sheets of every imaginable constitution, and I used to swap out weaves every two to three months to make sure I was absolutely seasonally optimizing. Cotton jersey is cozy for October and November, but you’ve really got to bust out the big flannel bois for December and January; percale is cool for the warmer days of spring, but I reserved linen for July and August. I am a hardcore bedsheets researcher (I’m a Taurus, after all), and I’ve slept on ‘em all.  The reason I no longer have to make constant swaps for coziness optimization is this: I’ve discovered that bamboo sheets are, in fact, king. 

If there is one sheet set you should own that will keep you sleeping comfortably year-round, it will undoubtedly be made of bamboo. Let me run through the pros of bamboo sheets really quickly: Because they’re more breathable than cotton (despite being, in my experience, definitely softer and silkier in feel), bamboo sheets are naturally moisture-wicking and air-circulating, so they really do, as they say, keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. IDK how they do it, but they never run hot on those humid August nights, yet never have that startling cold touch when you climb into bed on a chilly evening. This is especially helpful if you sleep with a partner, where one of you might run hot and the other runs cool. Additionally, they’re hypoallergenic, soothing for sensitive skin (sup, heat rash gang?), and odor-repellent, thanks to bamboo’s antimicrobial properties—I’ve noticed that since I switched to bamboo sheets, my bed never has that “please do your laundry”-human-skin aroma even when I’m due for a sheet change. 


But wait, there’s more: Bamboo sheets don’t absorb oils from your skin, so they resist discoloration for years longer than cotton sheets; this comes in clutch if you’re the sweaty type. They’re highly eco-friendly and sustainable, since bamboo is a fast-growing resource that, unlike cotton, doesn’t require pesticides and can grow in a wide range of climates. Finally, I would like to reiterate—because obviously this is an important factor—that they have an incredibly soft, almost buttery feel. 

OK, what are the cons of bamboo sheets? Honestly, there aren’t a ton, but they can get wrinkly a bit more easily than other fabrics, and, of course are more expensive than those IK*A sheets you’ve now re-bought four times. But you know why you’ve had to buy those again and again? Because they’re crappy quality. Grow up and get a bamboo set. 

Now that you know why bamboo sheets rule, it’s time to dive in and explain why we love our favorite brands. Here are the best bamboo sheets, from someone who owns and sleeps on all three. 

The best year-round everyday bamboo sheets: Honeydew Sleep

Honeydew Sleep is a Southern California-based, family-run company with 50 years in the sleep products industry—and it shows in the brand’s high-quality offerings. I first fell in love with Honeydew after laying my head on its Scrumptious Side Sleeper pillow, which literally changed my sleep game forever and stopped me from tossing, turning, and ruminating all night, every night. (I literally travel with it now because I’m addicted to its ergonomic design.) When I later got my hands on the brand’s organic bamboo sheets, I just as quickly became obsessed with their amazingly soft and cozy feel, perfect temperature regulation in all seasons and conditions, moisture-wicking qualities, and ability to stay beaming white wash after wash. As an added bonus, they’re extra easy to put on and take off your mattress, as they come with wide elastic cords that help you get a snug fit—something I’ve never seen in any other sheet set. 

$279.99$199.99 at Honeydew Sleep

$279.99$199.99 at Honeydew Sleep

The best budget option: Quince

For the unacquainted, Quince is doing god’s work, aka selling high-quality home goods and clothing made from the same textiles, materials, and techniques as luxury brands at a fraction of the price. (Check out our guide to Quince’s best offerings here.) Available in eight colors and named the best eco-friendly bamboo sheets by the Sleep Foundation, the brand’s bamboo sheets are truly a steal with prices starting at under $90 per set, and that’s for the same silky-soft 100% organic bamboo viscose from brands that cost three times as much (or more). The 300-thread-count sateen weave feels incredible on your skin, and these sheets truly feel absolutely premium for the price. (Peep the incredible reviews and you’ll see countless testimonials about how “soft,” “luxurious,” and “amazing” they are.) 

$109.90 at Quince

$109.90 at Quince

The best luxe option: Cozy Earth 

Oprah named Cozy Earth’s bamboo sheets one of our favorite things in 2018, and after sleeping on them, I have to agree. The luxury bedding and loungewear brand has nailed the draping, fit, and texture of its ultra-silky bamboo sheets, which stay ultra cool and get softer with every wash. They’re so buttery soft that they’re almost slippery, and you can tell that with their pristine quality, they’ll last for years to come. They come with a 10-year warranty and offer a 100-night sleep trial, if you want to be absolutely sure they’re worth the price (which, of course, they are). Plus, the seven neutral color options are all gorgeous, and they’ve earned a 4.9 out of five star rating from nearly 6,000 reviews, one of which reads, “These sheets are by far the most comfortable sheets I have ever slept on!! They are cool, breathable, and silky, but light.” Having shared the experience, I couldn’t agree more. 

$389$311.20 at Cozy Earth

$389$311.20 at Cozy Earth

Sleep is one of the greatest joys of life—why not make it even better with bamboo sheets?

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