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Hagerty Garage + Social Wants to Be Like Soho House for Car Lovers

The social club and car storage service really said rise, grind, and meet other lovers of Lambos.

Are you a wealthy zaddy with no problems aside from where to store all your vintage and luxury cars while you galavant around the globe? Same (at least in our dreams). It’s so hard to find a reliable temperature-controlled garage these days that also provides you with the social interaction you've been longing for since your third wife Dianne left. On top of all that, it’s a constant worry keeping all of your prized automobiles in tip-top shape when you have so many you can’t possibly drive them all yourself. Well, praise be to the Car World overlords that Hagerty Garage and Social exists and is now operating in Miami!  


Too wealthy for Soho House, but not rich enough for The R360 Club? Luckily, Hagerty has nine locations across the U.S. and Canada, in all the places you likely own homes—including Toronto, Bedford Hills, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and more. What’s that? You need your 1953 Porsche 356 'Pre-A' 1500 Coupe in Miami next weekend, and it’s all the way in Seattle? No problem, king, Hagerty’s gotchu—it can facilitate covered car transport with the most trusted carriers around, “whether your car flies south for the winter, you’re headed to a distant concours, or you’ve acquired a new vehicle that needs a ride home,” according to the brand.

Because your cars are your babies (forget those annoying offspring that are always asking for more money), and you want them treated like royalty, Hagerty offers climate-controlled, dust-free storage with 24-hour security, personalized service, maintenance, and detailing. Not to mention, the brand will tuck in and kiss your baby goodnight make sure your baby receives monthly start-ups and exercising, with tire pressure monitoring, fluid inspections, battery maintenance, and more. Just because your car is an inanimate object with no emotions doesn’t mean it doesn’t need a little TLC.

On top of all that care and nurturing for your fleet, all memberships include free access to the Hagerty Drivers Club, which affords members invites to exclusive events and experiences like private car shows, talks with industry experts, monthly “cars and coffee” events to get to know other members, and specialty roadside assistance for classic and collector cars. Plus Hagerty can help you grow your collection, or auction any of your prized possessions through Broad Arrow Group

With the new Miami location boasting nearly 30,000 square feet of car storage (which can hold more than 200 cars at its Little River location) it seems like if you’re the type of person who loves their car more than… well, almost anything, Hagerty Drivers Club is your happy place. 

Vroom, vroom.

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