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Finally, A Break-Up Playlist That Isn't Trying to Make you Cry

From Mara TK to Måneskin, we've got it covered.
A mixtape

Whether it was a 3 month “situationship” or a 3 year long relationship, a break-up is probably gonna leave you feeling different from before – and you’ll find yourself turning to all manner of vices to get through those feelings.

As someone who hasn’t had a whole lot of “long term” relationships, I’ve still had my fair share of heartbreak.

In reality, there isn’t an easy way to handle a break-up, even in the best of cases. But, that’s OK (something I tell myself). Whether you’re the one who has broken up with someone – or you’re the person who has been broken up with – it will probably impact you eventually.


One way I like to get through it, though, is music. 

It can help you ride out some of the best and worst of emotions, and run you through all the scenarios in your head of what you wish you had done differently. Or it could just give you a relatable sense of comfort — knowledge that you’re not the only one who has felt this way.

Not only that, music is a great tool to connect with others. It can help translate some of the most difficult emotions and create communities to help you get through difficult times.

Something I try to do, but don’t always succeed at, is remembering when to let go of an emotion you’re dealing with. Sitting with it and letting it pass through you; not letting it become you, but not ignoring it, either.

This playlist has been curated to get you through the range of emotions you might feel during a break-up or tough times, whether that’s contemplation, closure or even just to shed a tear or two. 

The Love Better Break-Up playlist has everything from Phoebe Bridgers (obviously), LCD Soundsystem, Alex G, and Blood Orange, to some local voices like Marlon Williams, Molly Payton and the og, Troy Kingi.

Sit back, take a listen and feel it out.

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Harry Waugh is a Producer @ VICE NZ in Aotearoa