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Spook the Horses' 'Drought' Will Help You Cope with the End of Days

The song is slow, textured, and refreshing, since most doom bands these days seem to be nodding out to the same lazy stoner riffs.

It's 2015, which means that the end is nigh. The world is melting, nations are crumbling, and our leaders have given up. With the exception of doom metal and re-runs of Seinfeld, you may be hard-pressed to find anything to be enthusiastic about. Luckily we have the band Spook the Horses.

This track, "Drought," from Spook the Horses' upcoming record Rainmaker, is slow, textured, devastating, and refreshing. There seems to be an endless stream of guitarists recycling the same stoner riffs, acting like they haven't listened to a new record since Black Sabbath Vol. 4. Not to fear—this is a new doom record worth listening to. Happy new year.

Preorder Rainmaker here.