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An Infamous Pakistani Gangster Was Killed by a Hitman Wednesday

You May Remember Him from 'The VICE Guide to Karachi'

One of Pakistan's most revered and reviled gangsters, Zafar Baloch, was gunned down on Wednesday, the apparent victim of a so-called "target killer." You may remember Zafar and his brother Uzair from The VICE Guide to Karachi, in which VICE founder Suroosh Alvi paid a visit to the Baloch brothers' well-apportioned compound in the middle of the downtrodden neighborhood of Lyari. While the local police and Rangers have threatened to kill or capture the the Baloch brothers for years—launching periodic assaults on Lyari—they have always stopped short of doing so, which gave the brothers and their banned People's Aman Committee an air of invulnerability. While you wait for the Pakistani authorities (or media) to convict someone of the crime, take a trip down memory lane to the home of the fast-talking dons of Lyari and motorcycle-riding target killers in The VICE Guide to Karachi.