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The 'Less Than Zero' Kids Knew How to Dress

People may be afraid to merge in Los Angeles, but they aren't afraid to get dolled up and take pictures of one another lounging poolside. Here's a photo shoot inspired by Bret Easton Ellis's debut—the good parts, not the parts with mutilated bodies and...

Shirt customised by Kylie Griffiths, Beyond Retro jeans, Office shoes, socks model's own

Layout and design: Studio Moross
Producer: Tabitha Martin
Hair and make-up: Lydia Warhurst using MAC and Bumble and bumble
Photo assistants: Tommy Cattanach, Bradley Lloyd Barnes, Cleo Glover
Stylist's assistant: Thomas Ramshaw
Hair and make-up assistants: Anna Warhurst, Charlotte Kratman
Models: Lottie at FM, Mimi at Models 1, Zana at Nevs
Set Design: Morning
Location: JJ Locations


Tommy Hilfiger blazer, American Apparel shirt, Rokit blazer

TOP: YrStore T-shirts BOTTOM: Vintage vest; vintage Ralph Lauren Shirt; vintage shirt, Topshop T-shirt, Ray-Ban sunglasses

TOP: Vintage Versace trousers BOTTOM: Vintage pyjamas; vintage shirt and trousers

Eleven Paris jacket, vintage shirt, Absolute Vintage sunglasses

LEFT TO RIGHT FROM TOP: Beyond Retro shirt, Absolute Vintage sunglasses; Beyond Retro blazer; Topshop T-shirt; vintage shirt; vintage jacket; Topshop T-shirt; vintage shirt

TOP: Topshop T-shirt BOTTOM: Topshop T-shirt, Tommy Hilfiger trousers; Rokit blazer; River Island jacket, Tommy Hilfiger shirt

Forever 21 jacket, vintage jumper, American Apparel skirt; Cacharel suit, American Apparel shirt

Rokit blazer, Gogo Philip earrings; Tommy Hilfiger suit jacket, American Apparel shirt; Rokit blazer, vintage jeans; American Apparel skirt, Absolute Vintage shoes

TOP TO BOTTOM: Uniqlo shirt; Forever 21 jacket, vintage jumper; American Apparel shirt; vintage shirt; Tommy Hilfiger blazer and shirt