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The 11 Most Spectacular Eclipse Photos from London

Whoa! What a morning. What a spectacle. What an eclipse.​

This article originally appeared on VICE UK.

We hope you had your glasses on. This morning, the moon danced a wild dance across the face of the sun, in a total eclipse covering at its peak 97 percent of the solar surface. That doesn't sound very "total" to me but in the eclipse game I guess you take what you can get. Turn around, bright eyes.

In London, people were practically vibrating with excitement. One couple I saw on the way into work this morning were standing out in the street, staring at the sky, drinking a bottle of champagne. Had they been up all night? Did they think things might go a bit Melancholia and that the sun would crash into the Earth, wiping out all human life? Who knows. Not us.


What we do know is that it was possibly the best solar eclipse to happen in the last 15 years. Here are the pictures – brace yourselves.

— Katie Lowe (@fatgirlphd) March 20, 2015

Well.. that eclipse was good. Thank you London!!
— Nadia (@NadiaLemrini) March 20, 2015

Worst. Eclipse. Ever. #SolarEclipse #london
— Lorn McVean (@lmcveee) March 20, 2015

London skyline eclipse fail
— Rachael (@Truzza23) March 20, 2015

Central London, eclipse update:
— Tom Smith (@tom_smith3001) March 20, 2015

London did not disappoint. Eclipse in full swing #Eclipse2015 #London
— Bart (@bart613) March 20, 2015

What the most spectacular solar eclipse in 16 years looks like - in London
— pilitaclark (@pilitaclark) March 20, 2015

reassuring that a phenomenal eclipse event goes barely noticed under London cloud.. not so, the #climate uprising :)
— Tessa Tennant (@TessaTennant) March 20, 2015

Total eclipse by the clouds #london #unimpressed #WhereTheEclipseAtDoe
— Miss Izee (@Miss1z33) March 20, 2015

Solar eclipse fun in London …
— Jade Poulters (@poulterz) March 20, 2015

Fantastic view of the #eclipse in #London
— Barbara Ana Gomez (@barbarana) March 20, 2015

Whoa. What a morning. What a spectacle. What an eclipse!

See you for the next one in 2090. Till then, I guess we'll have to somehow reacclimatize to the London sky looking like an ashtray that has been left out overnight in the rain.