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JUSTICE vs Kanye

Kanye West threw a shitfit when he didn't win Best Video at the recent MTV Europe Awards. He crashed the stage, grabbed the mic and blubbed about how his "Touch The Sky" video should've won because it cost $1 million, had Pamela Anderson in it, and featured him jumping a canyon on a motorcycle. Kanye later said his outburst was caused by him being "sippy sippy", rebutting onlookers who might've thought that the glaring eyes and egomaniacal tirade were triggered by another substance.


French DJ duo Justice, whose "We Are You Friends" video won the award, were on tour in the US at the time of the ceremony. But we caught up with Xavier and asked him what he thought of the whole kerfuffle…

Vice: How did you hear that you'd won?
Xavier: We were on the plane from San Francisco to Chicago. Right after landing we received tons of texts from our friends at the ceremony in Copenhagen. We were amazed that we won.

WTF was wrong with Kanye?
We didn't have a clue about his outburst until we went to the hotel and saw it on YouTube. It was soooooo funny watching the tirade of our new friend Kanye. Thanks to him the less famous band turned into be the biggest happening of the ceremony.

So what is up with all these anti-Kanye cartoons?
We never did that cartoon though we know the guy who did it. He is a Myspace geek and even though the drawing is not as good as So-Me's (the JUSTICE art director), it still is quite funny.

Here's some more Myspace geekery, though not quite as funny: