Photos of the Colorful Joy on Display at London's Afropunk Fest

Photos of the Colorful Joy on Display at London's Afropunk Fest

Our UK team were at Saturday's one-day festival, taking in the carefree happiness.
September 25, 2016, 9:30am

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It's been quite the journey. Afropunk fest started as an annual event in Brooklyn in 2005, under the broad remit of providing a place for black alt culture to thrive. Since then, it's expanded to being held in Paris, Atlanta and now London, giving members of the black diaspora the chance to come together and let loose without being called a "coconut" or whatever.


Photographer Angela Dennis headed to Alexandra Palace in north London yesterday, to check things out. Not even a lineup controversy, in which MIA was pulled after comments she'd made about Black Lives Matter, could derail the day. Granted, having Grace Jones step in as a replacement headliner didn't hurt. Eleven years on, here's what Afropunk looks like once it crosses the pond.


Elvine Ohlala, fashion blogger

Musician Alxndr London, left, and manager Jocelyn

Artist Meliyart

Artist Wumzum, who created a live art installation with Sonority, inside the venue

Rapper and poet Akala, who performed at the event