Photos from Amsterdam's Cannabis Liberation Festival


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Photos from Amsterdam's Cannabis Liberation Festival

Dutch photographer Maarten Delobel spent the past weekend amongst the red-eyed crowds in Amsterdam's Flevopark.

This article originally appeared on VICE Netherlands.

This past Sunday, the Cannabis Liberation Festival took place in Amsterdam's Flevopark. The festival, which has been running for eight years, is the largest cannabis event in the Netherlands. This year's main message was a call to fight what the organizers call "the pointless war on hemp"—referring to the fact that in the Netherlands smoking and selling weed is tolerated, but growing is illegal.


Dutch photographer Maarten Delobel joined the red-eyed crowd of hippies, tourists, cannabis lovers, and connoisseurs who spent the day shopping at the hemp market, chilling out in the provided hammocks, and watching documentaries on the subject.

See Maarten Delobel's photos below.