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Watch the First Trailer from the Upcoming Tupac Biopic

The first trailer for 'All Eyez on Me' features fairly unknown Demetrius Shipp, Jr. as a practical carbon copy of the late West Coast rapper.

Today marks what would be legendary West Coast rapper Tupac Shakur's 45th birthday, and to commemorate the rapper's life, the folks at Morgan Creek Production studios have released a sneak peek from their long-awaited biopic, All Eyez on Me.

The 60-second trailer, which starts off with words of advice presumably from Shakur's mother, Afeni, features footage of Tupac's childhood and later performances, as well as scenes that eerily echo the ones we continue to see involving police violence against black Americans. Relatively unknown actor Demetrius Shipp Jr. is a dead ringer for the late Shakur. He'll be joined by Jamal Woolard as Biggie, who played the titular role in 2009's Notorious.

The film wrapped in April and seems to have gotten through its messy drama and adopted a much-needed title change from the original, boring Tupac. Unfortunately, the trailer doesn't hint at whether or not the film uncovers any lingering Tupac conspiracies, so you'll just have to go see it in theaters this November to find out if Dave Chappelle has just been pulling our leg this whole time.

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