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Super Unison (Featuring Ex-Members of Punch) Delivers a Punishing Debut LP with 'Auto'

Listen to the first song, "Time & Distance," from their Deathwish Inc. debut.
August 18, 2016, 2:30pm

Photo: Reid Haithcock

Shortly after releasing their absolutely punishing third LP, They Don’t Have to Believe, in 2014, San Francisco’s Punch called it a day. It was an abrupt blow to those who had been enjoying the sheer ferocity of frontwoman Meghan O’Neil. But not long after the hardcore band’s demise, O’Neil announced a new project, Super Unison, along with Justin Renninger (formerly of Snowing) on drums, and Kevin DeFranco on guitar. The band, which saw O’Neil (now Meghan O'Neil Pennie) adding bass duties to her vocal work, released a teaser EP last year, and now, finally, is ready to unleash their full-length, Auto.

Unlike Punch, which kept O’Neil at level ten at all times, Super Unison allows her to breathe a bit, opening up at parts to make room for slightly more melodic interludes. (Although that might just be a comparative illusion, since hearing O’Neil at anything even remotely less than full-speed-ahead force makes the world feel slower.) On “Time & Distance,” Auto’s first single, O’Neil replaces the unrepentant growl she is known for with a slightly more refined style that is more of a loud singing than a snarl. Throughout Auto, O’Neil fluctuates between the two, showing off her range a bit, and in doing so, Super Unison packs its own punch.

Listen to “Time & Distance” below. Auto will be released by Deathwish Inc. on October 14. Super Unison will be on tour this October. Dates below.

October 21 Oakland, CA @ 1,2,3,4 Go!
October 23 Los Angeles, CA @ All Star Lanes
October 24 Tempe, AZ @ 51 West
October 25 El Paso, TX @ DIY Punk Haus
October 26 Austin, TX @ Shirley’s Temple
October 27 New Orleans, LA @ Neutral Ground
October 28 Birmingham, AL @ Firehouse
October 30 Gainesville, FL @ The Fest 15 at The Atlantic