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Photos by David Shama and Styling by Sam Voulters.
October 8, 2012, 12:45pm

Photos: David Shama
Stylist: Sam Voulters
Hair: Michael Jones using Bumble and Bumble
Make Up: Gina Blondell
Photo Assistant: Zandile Nkomo
Models: Holly at Fm, Angharad

American Apparel top, Ashish shorts, Kickers shoes, American Apparel socks, tactical belt from Silvermans

Oakley top, Fam Irvoll shorts; American Apparel top, Fam Irvoll shorts, veil and bag from Silvermans

55 DSL top, veil from Silvermans

Three Floor dress, tactical belt from Silvermans, Drop Dead hat, Palladium boots

Carhartt t-shirt, tactical belt from Silvermans, Jane Bowler top, tactical belt from Silvermans

MaryMeJimmyPaul top

Meat top, Peter Jensen shorts; Three Floor dress, Carhartt jacket, Silvermans belt