Bobby Shmurda Will Serve Seven Years After Accepting Plea Deal

The rapper along with two co-defendants have chosen to accept a plea deal from prosecution.
September 9, 2016, 5:53pm

Photo via Youtube

Bobby Shmurda has agreed to a plea deal that will have him and his co-defendants (Rowdy Rebbel and Nicholas McCoy) serve seven years in prison. This avoids the need for the trial that was scheduled for Monday. Shmurda ended up pleading guilty to fourth-degree conspiracy and criminal weapons possession, which means the combined sentence for those two convictions is seven years. He won’t be allowed to appeal. We’ll update this story with any further details.

Shmurda was arrested on December 17, 2014 after an NYPD investigation uncovered gang-related activity associated with his GS9 label and collective. Lyrics from Shmurda’s songs were used as evidence to show he and the group were conspiring to commit murder.