A Day in the Cycle With Bailey Wiley and Eno X Dirty

A Day in the Cycle With Bailey Wiley and Eno X Dirty

The Auckland singer's new video is a tale of trying to escape 'the trap'.
November 21, 2016, 4:34am

One of the strengths of New Zealand hip-hop over the past 20-plus years, has been the seamlessness in which production jumps between classically defined styles and those that are a little more melodic.

Though not strictly a hip-hop artist, Bailey Wiley has found grounding in the New Zealand hip-hop scene through singing hooks and backing vocals for the likes of Team Dynamite and Raiza Biza, as well as hand-picking and working with some of the more interesting producers Auckland has to offer.


Produced by ENO (the beatmaking half of ENO x DIRTY) and Kieran Tahir, "Dos Fuegos" originally appeared on Bailey's S.O.M.M. EP in April.  Until recently, the remix version, featuring a verse from DIRT had only been performed live while on tour. A few weeks ago, the remix was officially released and today we're happy to bring you the first look at the video.

Check it out below as well as a few questions we asked Bailey about the track.

Noisey: "Dos Fuegos" translates roughly to 'Two Fires', which takes shape as "two burners" in the track. What's the idea behind that recurring vocal?
Bailey Wiley: Obviously the person I'm talking about is a drug dealer. Drug dealers have two phones on them all the time…

Right, one normal phone, one drug phone.
Yeah, one home phone, one work phone. That's what it's about. But more than just the phones, it's about being in a cycle of something you feel like you can't change, and how to approach that and how to change it. From my perspective, it's about feeling lonely because you don't know how to approach that situation in the right manner. Like, the trap of addiction… it's about seeing someone living a certain way of life that they're trapped in, and I'm trying to say "hold the phone, there's more to this".

The video's all in point of view style, switching between your point of view and ENO x DIRTY's…
I tried to capture a day in the life; a day in the routine. It's about how I wake up in the morning and what I go through, and what I do in my day, and then I just repeat that, every fucking day, same for DIRTY… and you can get trapped in it. It just repeats, and that's why the vocal repeats the way it does. It's about the trap.

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