Monty and Fetty Wap Are Back with the Video for "Right Back"

Get ready for 'Monty Zoo 2,' which promises to be "a lot of new fire, hot fire, bruh. That's all ya'll getting, man. ALL FIRE."
September 29, 2016, 5:07pm

Remember last summer? Those golden days when you would cruise around with the windows down, hopefully not doing 200 on the highway but definitely listening to Fetty Wap and Monty singing about it? "My Way" was all over the radio, and life was good. How were those moments so fleeting?

​Well, lest you despair and think the world feels just a little less sunny right now, I have some good news: Fetty Wap and Monty are back at it in earnest. Monty recently shared his new song "Right Back,"featuring Fetty Wap, and now he's premiering the video, below. Oh buddy it is smooth!


Monty sets the mood, which is all about the happy-go-lucky tides of romance: "hella smoke every time I light up / you never know who might be the right one," he muses, taking a poetic left turn. And then Fetty swoops in and floats away on an existential journey, singing, "shit that go on in my brain / it's like I'm stuck in a maze / see the night always day / and I thought I can have everything baby / but I guess it was all just a dream baby." But then he brings it, um, right back, and closes things out romantically. Life is full of ups and downs, love and heartbreak, etc. etc. Monty and Fetty are our spirit guides through it all.

"The story behind the song 'Right Back' is basically like, when you gotta go away and take them trips, it's like 'Baby I'll be right back!'" Monty explained over email. "It's a story about what I go through, me being far away from home and you got that shorty that you mess with and you know you want to come right back to." For the video, he added, he wanted it "to be a lil different, a lil more upscale. It's a different look for us—a grown man type look."

​"Right Back" is on Monty's upcoming tape Monty Zoo 2, which he promises will be "a lot of new fire, hot fire, bruh. That's all ya'll getting, man. ALL FIRE." It's easy to believe: Monty sounds more confident than ever, and he and Fetty are, as always, a reliable combination.

"Every day it just becomes easier and easier to us cause we've been doing it so long," Monty said of collaborating with Fetty. "It's just like one, two, three. And that's my brother, so at the end of the day it's like working with a super star, a mega star. For him to still be able to work with me, I'm grateful for that. I'm also inspired by my brother Fetty Wap, I've seen him work from nothing to something. I'm just glad to be here."

​Watch the video below.

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