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MOTO Made Brought Noo-Bap and The Celestics Together At Last

Stream his take on “Improved Fluxo” here.
June 3, 2014, 8:10pm

If you live in Montreal, you'll recognize Noo-Bap as one of the resident DJs at MELT, Blizzarts' successful Thursday weekly. If you don't live in Montreal and don't recognize him, you'll have a less frustrating time explaining String Theory to a club rat than telling a friend to check out "一 - クラウド移動" or "???????????'??" when they get home. But I digress…

After the release of The Celstics' debut album, Supreme Laziness, local curators MOTO Made approached Noo-Bap to remix a track of his choosing. The result, a flip of "Improved Fluxo," is a brilliant spit in the face to all the one-trick ghetto house remixes that have been going around. Lesson learned: If you want to remix hip-hop tunes, there are options aside from trap or Hypem house.

Download Improved Fluxo (Noo-Bap Edition) For Free via Bandcamp

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