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Ramiro Lopez's New EP For Intec is Like a Super-Charged Tesla Roadster

Lopez tells us about how he caught his lucky break with Carl Cox while in the toilet at Space Ibiza.
October 3, 2014, 8:52pm

Spanish techno producer Ramiro Lopez is having a pretty damn good day. His debut EP for Carl Cox and Jon Rundell's label Intec is about to drop, which Lopez says is "a dream come true." The three-track release Backtrip packs the ferocity of a super-charged Tesla Roadster, journeying through rolling techno bombs that Ramiro tells us is "100% focused on the dancefloor." Although every track on the EP has its own vibe, they share one common denominator: "To make people dance so hard."


Recalling the first time he heard Carl Cox play out one of Backtrip's tracks in the club, Lopez says, "I was at Carl's party at Space Ibiza in July this summer. [I was] in the toilet and suddenly started to recognize one of the demos playing. My heart started to beat so hard and I ran to the dancefloor with a big smile on my face."

Ramiro with Cox

Carl invited him to the booth and praised his music. "I gave him two big hugs," Lopez says. The next day, Jon Rundell told him they wanted to release the tracks. "I'll remember that moment forever," Ramio says.

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