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South African Dream Team Fantasma Share a Video Teaser for "Eye of the Sun"

Watch the latest from the electro-Zulu supergroup.

The supernatural is everywhere in pop culture-you just have to know where to look. Take Fantasma, for example. The electro-Zulu supergroup represents the best of South African music. Fronted by producer/vocalist Spoek Mathambo-known as the prince of "township tech," a particularly vibrant strain of South African electronic music-the quartet also includes DJ Spoko (a producer behind "Township Funk"), Maskandi bassist Bhekisenzo Cele, and psychedelic rock guitarist Andre Geldenhuys.


The group's name means "ghost" (from the Latin phantasma); so does "Spoek" and "Spoko" in Afrikaans. Clearly drawing from some kind of supernatural energy, Fantasma latest video for "Eye of the Sun," the lead song off their debut EP, is full of otherwordly vibes. An acrid desert landscape, glistening crystal balls, and mysterious relics gesture towards gestures towards the mystical-without ever revealing their meanings. Check out the trailer above, and keep an eye out for the full-length video, arriving Monday on THUMP.

Fantasma's EEP is out now

ye of the Sun

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