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Crate Expectations: Hardwell

Take a trip inside the mind of musical prodigy and the world's number-one DJ, Hardwell.

Like most people, DJs and producers have specific songs tied to events throughout their lives. In Crate Expectations, we extract a playlist from their memories to tell their story. This week's subject:: Hardwell

What was the first song you ever loved?
That is hard! I grew up with a lot of different kinds of music. My dad always listened to Elvis so it should probably be one of his songs. "Love Me Tender" is one of the first songs I can remember.


What were the first two songs you mixed?
I remember perfectly. Marco V - "Simulated" with Tiësto's "Flight 643." Trance Energy style!

What song have you had on repeat this month?
I think Calvin Harris' "Summer." When you play that song it's stuck in your head for the rest of the day so I definitely think it would be that one.

What track of your own do you like the most?
I think my fans would say "Spaceman" but I would go with "Apollo" because that was the first track I ever did with vocals.

What is the track yours you hate the most?
I'm not disappointed with any song I've created, I think I'm happy with everything I've done.

What's the last song you want to hear before the lights go on?
Depends on where you are playing, I think if you've been playing for eight hours then "Smack My Bitch Up" by The Prodigy is the perfect song to end the night.

What is the track you are most excited to drop peak-time during your set at Electric Zoo?
I'm going to play a new collaboration with Tiësto for the first time— so I'm definitely excited to do that. It's called "Written in Reverse" and will be included in Tiësto's new album that comes out on June 16th. So be sure to listen for that one!

What are some your plans for 2014? You have a new album coming out!
Yes! I'm excited for my new album coming out in September and apart from that I have some I Am Hardwell shows that I'm very excited about!