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Did Oneohtrix Point Never Just Drop the Most Confusing Album Release Announcement Ever?

The most fascinating thing you won't understand all week.

We think, emphasis on think, Oneohtrix Point Never might have just announced a new record. We haven't heard very much from Daniel Lopatin recently, but have still been very much aware that he has quietly been working on projects. From the second of his Commissions series that he dropped April this year, to the confirmation that he, Antony Hegarty, and Hudson Mohawke were all in the studio, he certainly wasn't off-radar. Yet, in experimentally-inclined fashion, his most recent public announcement of sorts, has left us sure he is up to something — but no real idea what that something is.


Today, Lopatin tweeted a link to his website, which you can follow here. We followed it, and it took us to a photo of a book, under candle-light, with a pair of glasses rested on top. Clicking on this image redirected us to one of the most bizarre pieces of prose we have ever read. Ostensibly, it appears to be a statement issued by Lopatin, during which he apologies for his recent silence, blaming it on the fact he is currently going through puberty and ageing at an excessively fast rate at the same time — a problem many experimental ambient artists go through at some point in their career. From this point Lopatin recounts his recent collaboration with an alien called Ezra. So far, so I-don't-have-a-fucking-clue-what-you're-on-about-mate-but-carry-on-cos-I'm-intrigued.

Scroll down from here and you will see what surely, is a track-list for a future release. There are numbered titles ranging from "Last Phone Call:" to "Do You Have Any Pets?" — all of which sound like exactly the sort of esoteric turns of phrase that could act as names for Lopatin's work. Until you look closer, and realise these are more like questions than titles, and the whole thing actually resembles more of a questionnaire, which has been duly filled out underneath each header. So, "Last Phone Call:" is followed by "I called home before I left my friends house to let them know I'm on my way", and "Do You Have Any Pets?" is followed by "Dog name void". We also found this pretty strange interview, supposedly with Lopatin, which seems to suggest he will release a record called Garden of Delete or G.O.D. in November. Still with us?

So there is the mention of G.O.D. — plus the inclusion of Warp Records' address at the bottom of the scanned paper. Other than that the whole thing reads like a bizarre Q&A with a recently defected Scientologist on hallucinogenics. That being said, the whole thing is a bizarrely amazing read. It's the sort of mean feat that leaves so much unanswered, you can't help but spend the rest of the afternoon picking it apart, while fine-combing your way through the Oneohtrix Point Never back catalogue searching for enlightenment. So on that front, job well done.

Seriously though, if you know what this means, hit us up.

Oneohtrix Point Never is on Twitter.

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