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Fernando Torres Scores Overhead Goal That Dreams Are Made Of

That's some sandman stuff right there.

Fernando Torres can be a frustrating player to follow. He's got that kind of frio o caliente vibe—especially with his second go with Atlético Madrid. But today was definitely one of those dias calientes because Torres managed to kick in the kind of golazo that you only score in your sugarplum dreams.

Atlético was playing Celta Vigo in La Liga, when the ball was laid to Torres' feet inside the box, ten minutes in. He chipped the ball up and instinct told him to give it a go. And gave it he did, as he hooked the ball over his head, back to the goal, and managed to catch the net in a faraway corner.

Here's another angle (oh, and if you like sound):

Simply some sandman stuff right there.