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Man Wins Turkish Dunk Contest By Launching Over a Five-Pack of Dudes

Tyler Honeycutt's human obstacles came in looking like a bunch of pros.

Tyler Honeycutt won Turkish Dunk Contest, $2500 jumping over five players that measure 6-8 and 6-3.
— David Pick (@IAmDPick) January 15, 2017

When volunteering to be a part of a human obstacle, you have to anticipate the worst. That's why people making a wall in soccer cover their jungle buttons. And when used as a prop in a dunk contest, human obstacles should be wary of being the bowling pins to the dunker's bowling ball.


But fear not, if you are a prop in the Turkish dunk contest. Because American Tyler Honeycutt has got you covered, and even will bring you to human obstacle glory as a successfully hurdled-over person. You can take 1/5 the credit for being jumped over.

Former Sacramento King—and current Turkish Basketball Super League forward at Anadolou Efes—Honeycutt went into the dunk contest with a five-pack of dudes ranging from heights of 6'8" - 6'3" (Honeycutt is 6'8" himself), cleared them for an impressive dunk, and came away a winner and $2,500.

Which certainly can't be said of this humanity-reminiscent failure to do the same exact trick in a Chinese Basketball Association a couple years back:

I'd maybe blame the loosely-packed human obstacles in the CBA instance (definitely not the dunker's fault)—Honeycutt's human obstacles, however, came in looking like a bunch of pros. Way to not get hurt, guys.