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Ryan Tannehill Gets Absolutely Demolished in End Zone for a Safety

The Miami Dolphins set a record today. Not a good one.

The Miami Dolphins have rallied in the second quarter against the Eagles and currently train 16-13, but they looked pretty hapless early on. That haplessless is no better illustrated than poor Ryan Tannehill taking a blind hit in the middle of the end zone from an unblocked safety blitz. Tannehill had no idea Walter Thurmond was bearing down on him and lost the ball out of the back of the end zone after the hit. It was Miami's third consecutive game with a safety, which is a special kind of sad sackery that has only happened once before: 1980 by the Seattle Seahawks.


It was all set up by a botched kickoff return from Damian Williams. He's got an injured thumb that is heavily bandaged, so it was already a dicey proposition having him back there fielding kickoffs in the first place, and of course he muffed it in the end zone. As he panicked to pick it up he slipped and his momentum forced him out of the end zone. All he could do was cover up the ball and roll over like the second-saddest sack you've ever seen. Miami took over on the one-yard line and you already know the rest.